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Flowerpot Snowman
Christmas Crafts for Kids

Flowerpot Snowman - Christmas Crafts for KidsTurn two flowerpots into a cute little snowman decoration.


1. 2 flower pots
2. 12x12 sheet of white paper
3. 12x12 sheet of paper for the hat
4. 12 of ribbon
5. 5 small Black buttons
6. Scrap piece of orange paper
7. Rose or some accent for the hat
8. Scissors
9. Hot glue gun


1. Cut your white paper to fit over one of the flower pots. Glue down.

2. Attach the black buttons for the eyes and mouth.

3. Take your scrap of orange paper and fold it into a triangle. Glue down for the nose.

4. Take your second piece of 12x12 paper and fit it around the second flower pot. Fold the edges down on top to give the hat a sort of tufted look.

5. Glue down your rose or other accent to the top of the hate

6. Finish off by gluing a ribbon around the base of the hat.

7. Glue your two flower pots on top of each other.


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