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Stanley the Snowman


A man wrote a very funny little Christmas song called “Frosty the Snowman” and you all know it pretty well. Why don’t you sing a little of it because I am about to tell you the true story of Frosty the Snowman?

All done? Good, well what you don’t know that most of the Christmas stories you know about, even the silly ones, started as a true story but the songwriters change them a little so they make good songs. Well that’s especially true with the story of Frosty. But his name wasn’t Frosty. It was Stanley. You have to admit “Stanley the snowman was a jolly happy soul” sounds pretty silly.

Stanley was built by Jack and Susan and their dad two days before Christmas. Jack was in 4th grade and Susan was in 5th and they made sure Stanley had lots of good clothes to wear and extra good things for his eyes, nose and mouth. See their daddy told them that an ancient custom tells us that if you make a snowman realistic enough, he will come to life. It’s not a bad theory. This Christmas, you and your family see if you make a super good snowman and you might have an adventure like the one I am telling you about too.

Stanley did come to life that night. Dad waited up and watched him begin to step out on his new snow legs and begin to explore the world. Your dad is aware of a lot of magic he hasn’t told you about yet so listen when he tells his stories. They are all true. Stanley didn’t just dance around all night though. Before Jack and Susan met him Christmas eve day, he had build a very nice snowman home, a little house for his snow dog if jack and Susan were to make him one and a snow car although it didn’t actually drive.

Jack and Susan were pretty shy when they got up early that morning and saw Stanley happily making his house. Finally, Jack led Susan out to meet the magical snowman.

“Hello?’ Jack said timidly.

“Hello isn’t a question.” Stanley said and he put his big snow head back and laughed.

“You are alive. Just like daddy said.” Susan said. “How can it be?” She gasped still a little afraid.

“Well Susan,” Stanley explained. “Every Christmas, there is so much magic and miracle power in the air because of the coming of Christ, some of it leaks out onto silly snowmen like me.” He bowed low bending at his snowman waist. “I am Stanley. I am here to play with you."

“HOORAY!” the children yelled and they stopped being afraid and ran and played with Stanley with all their might. Stanley was pretty good at finding games and they rode on his shoulders as he went all over town, meeting their friends and teachers and the Minster at their church too.

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